e-Commerce module

Review and compliance with best e-Commerce practices.

Accreditation of best e-Commerce practices

We have designed an accreditation system for websites which consists of verifying the existence of the company and confirming that what it offers what it really sells.

Ensures customers the company identity with the website, a factor that positively affects purchase decision. This system helps SMEs to improve their sales and works very well for new buyers who now enjoy features accredited by Qualitas Plaza.

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In only 4 steps you can get your best of e-Commerce practices accreditation.


Verify the existence of the company and confirm the application of best practices by your organization.


Corrects errors found in the Audit.


Check the compliance of your Website through a follow up evaluation Audit.


We award the Accreditation Seal by delivering the code required to display the Best e-Commerce Practices logo.

Review and compliance with best e-Commerce practices.

Recognition of the organization, description of products and services, prices, delivery conditions.

Comprehensive verification information without errors based on applicable laws.

Verification of a secure system used in payment transactions.

After sales service evaluation.

Verification of delivery times and agreed terms.

Review of customer service processes, and personal data protection.

Verification of content, useful information to the user and access to privacy policies.

Evaluation of the Requirements and elements:

  • Business Communication.
  • Sales.
  • Purchases.
  • Payment.
  • Goods and or services delivery.
  • After-Sale service.
  • Conflict Resolution System.
  • Technology Review.
  • Personal Data Protection.
  • Ethics.
  • Intellectual Property Protection.
  • Suppliers.